1900 - 1930

Hemp planted in Mendota and Wapun


The Office of Fiber Investigations works with the University of Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station to plant six acres of hemp in Mendota and three acres in Waupun. Dr. Andrew H. Wright oversees the two experimental plots and begins his journey as an expert on hemp cultivation

Research expanded in Mendota, Waupun and Viroqua

1909 - 1911

Research expands in Mendota and Waupun, with expansion in Viroqua. In Waupun, hemp was grown on land infested with quack grass. It was an unfavorable season only yielding 2,100 pounds of fiber, but the quack grass was eliminated.

Acres planted rises to 125

1912 - 1916

Neighboring farmers gain interest in hemp and total acres for the year rose to 125 acres. Farmers use the Deering Reaper as well as other farm equipment with parts made from Milwaukee Harvester Company, a small equipment factory underneath International Harvester Company.

Acreage approaches 7000 tons


Acreage of hemp in Wisconsin reaches almost 7,000 tons. The Wisconsin Hemp Order was organized on October 18, 1917. The Order’s goal was to promote the general welfare of the hemp industry in the state. Outlook for hemp production looks promising with good harvest. Growing conditions are ideal for hemp in Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin Hemp Industry" Published


Dr. Andrew H. Wright publishes “Wisconsin Hemp Industry” through the Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Wisconsin. The report covers industry history, tips for growing, retting, processing, and the economics.

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Research in Hemp in WI with USDA


The USDA congratulates Wisconsin for the organized hemp growers working in cooperation and highlights hemp acreage increase in the state, more than any other hemp producing region in the world. Dr. Andrew Wright highlights there are more hemp processing mills in Wisconsin than any other state.

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2500 Acres of Hemp Planted and Harvested in WI


Newspapers cover the hemp production in Wisconsin. 2,500 acres of hemp planted and harvested in Wisconsin. A tariff is pushed on the federal level to relieve hemp farmers. Kentucky buys $20,000 from Wisconsin hemp farmers for cordage. Hemp yields 1,200 pounds an acre

WI yields 1500lbs per acre


Wisconsin yields 1,500 pounds an acre compared to 1922 harvest season.

WI Hemp and Fiber Co. Formed


Wisconsin Hemp and Fiber Company is formed and oversees ownership of several hemp processing mills in the state. 5,000 shares are available at $100 a share.