Last month, Fox 11 News sat down with Marcus Grignon to discuss tribal hemp production in Wisconsin. Marcus retold the story of the Menominee Tribe's effort to grow hemp in 2015 and the raid on the hemp field. Not only did Marcus contribute to the interview, but the Oneida Nation's Councilman Daniel Guzman-King (a Hempstead Project Heart supporter) had the opportunity to speak about Oneida's reluctance to grow henp due to what happened to the Menominee. This sentiment is what we hear all over Indian Country whenever the topic of hemp and the Menominee Tribe comes up in conversation. 

The raid on the Menominee Tribe wasn't because of marijuana cultivation in an illegal state, but the contiuned infliction of psychological warfare on tribal nations. The Menominee Tribe has always been at the forefront in the struggle for affirming tribal sovereignty. From mismanagement of tribal resources to federal recognition to even gaming, the Menominee have stood their ground and fought for their future generations. It is this same way of thinking that propelled the Menominee towards hemp production; to show the rest of Indian Country we can sustain a portion of our nations through the utilization of hemp. 

This news interview elevates Hempstead Project Heart's advocacy for tribal sovereignty to be upheld in the 2018 Farm Bill. We hope the residents of Northeast Wisconsin and surrounding communites were moved by Marcus' story and the struggle for tribes to enter the hemp industry. The future is full of lush hemp fields. Let's keep moving forward and reach our goal. For John. 


You can view the news interview here