Federal Hemp Legalization

The Time is now

The U.S. Congress is currently reconciling the 2018 Farm Bill, which is MUST PASS legislation. Language from the Senate version of the bill removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and legalizes hemp agriculture.

The Senate bill also includes language that upholds tribal sovereignty, affirming tribes have the right to license and oversee hemp agriculture on their own lands, just as they did pre-contact!

Help us secure this language in the 2018 Farm Bill and finally legalize industrial help for Native Tribes and America!

Call, write, or visit your members of Congress (or better yet, do all three!) and urge them to help bring back hemp and support tribal sovereignty! Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to each of your Senators and then your Representative. It’s even better to call their local offices in your state!

To your senators:

  • 28 Co-Sponsors signed the Senate’s version decriminalizing hemp and upholding tribal sovereignty! You can find a list of the co-sponsors here.
  • Call and thank your Senator if they already supported the hemp and tribal provisions. If they were not a Co-Sponsor, urge them to support these provisions for the benefit of local and tribal farms nationwide!
  • Click here to find your senators

To your representative:

  • The House of Representatives’ version did not originally support industrial hemp. With the Senate version passed, the house must agree to incorporate it into the final version of the Farm Bill. Contact your representative today and ask that the hemp and tribal sovereignty provisions in the Senate Bill remain in the version that comes out of Conference!
  • Click here to find your representative

Click here to download a sample letter to legislators

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