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Our Campaign Framework: 5 points from John Trudell

#Bringbackhemp is a solutions driven education campaign to restore industrial hemp in the state of Wisconsin. The campaign was a dream of the late legendary Native poet and activist John Trudell who created five focus areas for the initiative:

Saves Money and Earth
Climate Change
Tribal Sovereignty
Historical Perspective


Hemp can bring financial prosperity to land-based communities and spark a wide range of manufacturing and business ventures that revive local economies. Hemp creates jobs.


Saves Money and the Earth


Hemp is earth friendly to grow. This fast growing renewable crop needs no petrochemical inputs or pesticides and minimal irrigation. It’s a cost-saving crop that helps detoxify and protect the land and water!

Climate Change

Regenerative Agriculture is a term being used to describe farming practices that rotate crops and rebuilds soil for sustaining the people and the planet.


Tribal Sovereignty


Tribes are independent sovereign nations who have the right to self-determination. Tribes who legalize hemp should not be penalized for developing their own laws or growing this crop to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

Historical Perspectives

Wisconsin was one of the last states to stop growing hemp after federal prohibition. There were once ten thriving hemp mill towns in the state that contributed $3 million to Wisconsin’s economy. Tribal Nations such as Menominee also have a long history of utilizing hemp.